NTX Laser Tag Game Play

So how does the Game Play work for Mobile Laser Tag?

First, the Laser Tag Field is set up with a variety of bunkers and barriers. The “Drill Sergeant” will then explain the use of the equipment, the setup of the game and go over safety information. The teams are formed and equipment is issued. After some last second instructions, the game is on and the battle begins.

There are many games modes to choose from and they are explained on the Games page. Team Battle, VIP, and Capture the Flag are a few options available.

The taggers have an incredible amount of options. You get a primary and secondary weapon, amazing sound effects and the ability to reload or re-spawn. You can monitor your health points and the rounds left in your magazine. Firing accuracy is ensured with the red and green dot scopes. The Utility Boxes can be set up to provide a wide array of functions. They can be a Medic Box, a reload station or a re-spawn point.  More of that is covered on the Equipment page.

Our base package includes enough taggers for 10 to play at a time. During a 90 minute party, 15-20 players will get plenty of action as players will want to take a break. With the fast pace of the games, there will be plenty of turns. Game Play last about 8 minutes each unless everyone is eliminated sooner. Players rotate in and out and the next session begins.

The battlefield can be set up in front or back yards, parks, gyms or wherever we can find some space. Gyms are great during the Texas summers!

The beginning of Game Play for another round of Laser Tag

The players scatter as the round has begun. The time for talking is over.